How to update your CCRI issued Mac's Operating System to MacOS Catalina

Due to COVID-19 social distancing and remote work, some CCRI issued Macs did not receive an important operating system upgrade. This article describes the steps you can follow on or off campus to perform the required update. The instructions contained within are the same that were emailed to affected users when a ticket was created for them by our Helpdesk. Affected users may also contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance performing the upgrade.

Self-Update Instructions:


The upgrade could take up to 60 minutes to complete. MacBook computers should be connected to a charger for the duration of the upgrade. Although the CCRI IT Helpdesk will never ask you for your username or password, you will need to enter both to authorize the upgrade in the steps below


  1. Ensure that you have backup copies of any important files or documents on another device or OneDrive.
  2. Open Finder on your Mac
    Finder Icon
  3. Select "Applications" folder in the left sidebar of the Finder window
  4. In the Applications list, open the application called "Install MacOS Catalina" by double clicking on it
  5. The "Install MacOS Catalina" application should now open. Please press "Continue"
    Install MacOS Catalina Window with Continue button
  6. Click "Agree" then click "Agree" again
    EULA Window with first Agree button
    EULA windows with second Agree button
  7. Make sure "Macintosh HD" is selected then click Install
    Installation location window choosing Macintosh HD
  8. Type in your Username and Password in to continue with the installation and press Okay
    Administrator credential input window
  9. The install will begin
    Installer progress bar window after starting the installation
  10. Once the computer is done downloading the required updates, the computer will reboot in 30 seconds or you can click the Restart button to restart the computer immediately.
    Installation window prompting for a restart
  11. The computer will restart and the installation will begin. The computer may restart a few times during the upgrade, that is normal. You should now see the apple logo with a progress bar and estimated time remaining. Please do not turn off your computer during this upgrade process. Once the install is complete you will be at the login window.
    Last progress bar window before the install completes
  12. Once the install is complete your Mac will be waiting for you at the login window. In addition to this ticket notification email you should have received a separate email containing a link to mark this ticket as completed. Please close this ticket by clicking that link to avoid being contacted to schedule your upgrade. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping your computer up to date.


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