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Pearson's Training  & Support Center for Blackboard Integration with MyLab/Modified Mastering
Pearson's Support Center for Blackboard Integration with MyLab/Modified Mastering - Student
Technical Support Contact for McGraw Hill
Cengage Learning Mindlinks Support
MacMillan Support Resouces
Steps to check/monitor Blackboard course quotas
W.W. Norton Help
Due to COVID-19 social distancing and remote work, some CCRI issued Macs did not receive an important operating system upgrade. This article describes the steps you can follow on or off campus to perform the required update. The instructions contained within are the same that were emailed to affected users when a ticket was created for them by our Helpdesk. Affected users may also contact the Helpdesk for assistance with the upgrade.
Uploading Videos Files to Medial
General hardware specifications that we recommend when looking for a device.
User can put [secure] as part of the subject line to send an encrypted messages to external recipients. However, recipients will have slightly different experience depending on their email service platform.
If you use Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android, you can add a shared mailbox you have permissions to access on Outlook Mobile.
What is the quality of streaming media?
How does streaming work?
What is Streaming?
Blackboard Service Status
How to share a file from OneDrive or SharePoint to a professor as a student.
How To Add An Additional Email Account To Outlook Web
Setting up meetings and booking conference rooms can be a breeze when you use the scheduling assistant in Outlook Web App, which is part of Microsoft Office 365. When you select your meeting attendees and conference room, the Scheduling Assistant displays suggested times based on availability on the date and time you selected.
How to clear cache in Safari for a mac.
How to clear the cache in Firefox on a Mac.
Users may experience non-responsive actions when clicking a link starting with "mms://".
How to Delegate Access of Mail and Calendar
How to clear the cache of Google Chrome for Mac