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Slack is a communication platform used to communicate with your HESI Compass Coach. Please note this is separate from Evolve HESI Compass (where the content is found).
Why am I getting a "Time Out" or "Session Expired" error?
Why am I getting the message "can't find user id" on the User Name Lookup Page?
Why am I getting timed out from MyCCRI?
Why Can't I see the course I'm teaching?
Why can't I see the student in the course?
Why do I receive the error message, "the information you entered does not match our records," when trying to retrieve my username.
What if I get a "Break- in attempt detected" while in MyCCRI
Description: How can I verify that MyCCRI is secure?
How to enable Cookies in Safari
How to enable cookies on your iPhone / iPad for Safari
How do I check the cookie settings in FireFox?
How to retrieve your voice mail messages from off campus
How to drop the last person on a conference call using when using phone model 4602.
How to transfer a call to another extension using telephone model 4610.
How to use the Call Park feature on telephone models 6408, 7406, and 8410.
How to retrieve a Parked Call on telephone models6408, 7406 and 8410.
Adding an Additional Mailbox to Outlook
Blackboard Documentation for Students-Getting Started- Browser Setting Guide/ Enable JavaScript
Blackboard Documentation for Students-Getting Started- Browser Setting Guide/ Enabling Cookies
How do I enable pop-up windows in my browser for Blackboard to work properly?
Download Respondus LockDown Browser
What is Blackboard?
Blackboard Student Course Enrollment:
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