Zoom Sign-In with SSO

To sign in to your CCRI Zoom account, when using the Zoom desktop app or accessing your Zoom.us profile from a web browser:

  • Click on the “Sign In with SSO” button towards the bottom. Do NOT use the regular sign-in method.

  • The company domain is: ccri.zoom.us.
  • Type ccri into the text field then click the continue button.

  • Your default browser will launch, prompting you to sign in with your CCRI credentials. Enter your CCRI username and password in the appropriate fields.
  • Then click the Sign In button.

  • Once your sign-in credentials are accepted:
    • If using the app. the Zoom app will launch.
    • If using the web browser, your Zoom.us profile will load.



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Wed 1/19/22 4:07 PM
Tue 9/6/22 5:49 PM