How to View Your Online Degree Evaluation

Description: The Online Degree Evaluation is an academic advising document that maps the student's degree requirements against the student's academic transcript. The purpose of the audit report is to provide information to assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling each semester. The audit indicates the program and graduation requirements that have been completed as well as those areas requiring completion prior to graduation. Degree Evaluation Reports are available to all students in their MyCCRI accounts.

How-to Steps:

  1. Log in to your MyCCRI account and click on the For Students tab.
  2. On the left-hand side, under Registration Tools, click Degree Work Degree Evaluation System. This will open the tool.

    Understanding Degree Evaluations

    The Student Header contains key elements of your student record such as Name, ID, Degree, Major, Concentration, Academic Standing, GPA, etc.

    The Degree Progress Bar indicates the percentage of your program completed.
    Each Evaluation Block contains a title and will display specific course information such as credits applied, classes applied, and GPA. Like individual requirements, the block header will also contain a symbol stating the status of all requirements within the block.

    The Legend contains all of the unique symbols that are important for interpreting the DegreeWorks evaluation.

Additional Information:

  • Search or browse our online Knowledge Base
  • Call the CCRI IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112


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