How to Create a WebEx Meetings invite via the WebEx Dashboard

Description: WebEx Meetings makes hosting an online meeting easy. You can schedule a meeting in advance or start one right away. When it's time to meet, you can present and collaborate with your team as if you're in the same room.

How-to Steps:

  1.  To schedule a WebEx Meetings meeting via the WebEx dashboard, open a web browser and type into the URL. Frequent users may want to favorite this website. Log into the into the sits using your CCRI email and credentials. NOTE: If you do not have a WebEx Meetings account, submit a Help Desk ticket to request an account.
  2. Once signed into the WebEx dashboard, you’ll be on the homepage. Click on the Schedule button to schedule a WebEx meeting.
  3. Meeting type: Webex Meetings Pro Meeting
  4. * Meeting topic: Type in the meeting subject.
  5. * Meeting Password: A random password is auto-generated.
  6. Date and time:  Schedule the date, time, and duration of the meeting.
  7. Attendees: Type in the email address of the attendee(s) / meeting participant(s).
  8. Recurrence: (Optional) If this meeting is to repeat at regular intervals, check box. If not, leave blank.
  9. Under the Show advanced options drop-down menu, the host/organizer can set additional meeting schedule and meeting parameters as appropriate.
  10. Audio connection options
  11. Agenda
  12. Scheduling options
  13. Audio Connection Options: (Recommended) Leave audio connections options set to their as default options
  14. Audio connection type: Webex Audio
  15. Display global call-in number to attendees: Check box
  16. Entry and exit tone: Beep
  17. Agenda:
  18. Meeting agenda: (Optional) Type-in meeting agenda
  19. Scheduling Options:
  20. (Recommended) For a standard meeting, leave the first four options un-checked.
  21. Join before host: (Optional) Allow participants to join meeting 5 to 15 minutes before host.
  22. Registration: (Recommended) None
  23. Email reminder: (Optional) Send participants an email reminder 10 to 50 minutes before the start of the meeting.
  24. Attendee privileges – Edit attendee privileges
  25. (Recommended) Un-check attendee privilege “Control application, web browser or desktop remotely”
  26. NOTE: The host can enable/disable the attendee privileges as needed while the meeting is in progress.
  27. Once the meeting is scheduled and the parameters are set:
  28. Save as template: If you would like to save the meeting settings, you can save the settings as a template.
  29. Schedule: Click to the meeting. A calendar invite with the meeting details will be sent to the invited participants. The meeting will also be added to your Outlook calendar.

Additional Information:

  • Search or browse our online Knowledge Base
  • Call the CCRI IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112


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