How to Schedule a WebEx Event

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WebEx Events is a step-up from WebEx Meetings. Think of it in a real world scenario – an event is larger, has more people, has more complexities, and is more host/presenter oriented than a meeting. WebEx Events makes hosting an online event easy. Whether you're launching a product or holding an all-hands, you can deliver a polished, interactive presentation with multimedia, Q&A, and polling to engage your audience. Host a very large webinar or conference where remote participants will primarily be listening/watching.

To schedule a WebEx Event, open a web browser and type into the URL. Frequent users may want to favorite this website. Log into the into the WebEx dashboard using your CCRI email and credentials.

  1. Log in to your WebEx dashboard,, using your CCRI credentials.
  2. At the bottom of the left navigation panel, click on WebEx Events. The WebEx Events center will appear.
  3. In the left navigation menu, under the Host an Event section, select Schedule an Event. The Schedule an Event page will appear; it is divided up into sections.

For the purpose of this article, the explanations and described settings for each section will apply to the typical event. For additional information on more advanced scheduling features, please refer to the supplemental articles when applicable. 

  1. Basic Information
    1. Event Template: [Webex Events Default] If you have a saved Event template, it can be enabled via the drop-down.
    2. * Event type: [Online Event]
    3. * Event name: Enter the name of the event
    4. [Currently Disabled] List on public calendar
    5. [Check] Delete from My Meetings when completed
    6. Registration: [Check] Required
      1. NOTE: Registration provides the registrants a calendar invite with a link to the event. Enabling registration provides registrants with a questionnaire that can be used to view registration information, and send reminder emails before the event. After the event, you can also view whether a registrant attended or was absent, as well as additional data.
    7. * Event password: [Auto-generated Random Password]
    8. Program: If this event is a part of a program, select the program from the drop-down. If not, skip this step.
  2. Date & Time
    1. * Set the date and time of the event, as well as the event’s estimated duration.
    2. * Time zones: [EST Default]
    3. [Check] Attendees can join __ minutes before the scheduled start time.
      • From the drop-down, you can allow attendees to join 5 – 60 minutes before the start time.
    4. Email reminder: From the drop-down, an automated email reminder can be sent 10 – 50 minutes before the start of the event. If not, select “None”.
  3. Event Descriptions & Options
    1. Description: [Optional]
      • Upload a picture about the event description [Optional]
    2. Host image: Upload a picture of yourself or the presenter [Optional]
    3. Event Material: Upload event material for attendees to download before the event starts [Optional]
    4. Other UCF options:
      • [Check] Do not allow attendees to share rich media files in this event
      • [Check] Request attendees to verify rich media players
    5. Who can view the attendee list: [Default] Only the host, presenter, and panelists
    6. Video: Unavailable by design. Only the host, presenters, and panelists can share their video. Attendees cannot.
    7.  Post-event survey:
      • Click View Survey to select/create a post-event survey.
      • If there is a post-event survey, select: Display survey in pop-up window.
    8. Destination URL after event: [http://] ** Currently Disabled **
  4. Attendees & Registration
    1. Attendees:
      • Create invitation list: click link if you wish to invite people to attend the event
      • View invitation list: click link to review the list those who were invited
    2. Invite friends: [Check] Allow registrants to invite friends to this event
    3. Maximum number of registrants: [Default: 10000] Insert number to adjust registration capacity
    4. Destination URL after registration: [http://] ** Currently Disabled **
    5. Approval required:
      • No: [Default] Attendees are automatically approved upon registration completion
    6. Registration password: No [Default]
    7. Registration ID required: No [Default]
  5. Presenters & Panelists
    1. Panelists:
      • Create invitation list: click link if you wish to invite people to be panelist and presenters at the event
      • View invitation list: click link to review the list those who were invited
    2. Panelists Info: [Optional] Add brief information about the invited panelists and presenters
      • [Check] All panelists to upload documents associated with the event. [Optional]
    3. Panelist password / Confirm password: [Recommended] Create a password specific for the panelists/presenters
  6. Email Messages
    1. Email format: [Select] Plain Text -or- [Select] HTML
    2. [Check] Include iCalendar Attachments [Recommended] The registrant will receive a calendar invite
    3. Registration emails:
      • Check the boxes next to emails you wish the system to send, as appropriate
      • Click on the link of the email that you wish to edit
    4. Event updated emails:
      • Click on the link of the email that you wish to edit
    5. Reminder emails:
      • Check the boxes next to 1st and 2nd Reminder if you want the system to send attendees event reminder
      • Select the date and time that you want the 1st and 2nd Reminder emails to be sent
    6. Follow-up emails:
      • Check the boxes if you want the system to send “Thank You” and “Absentee Follow-up” emails.
      •  Select the date and time that you want the “Thank You” and “Absentee Follow-up” emails to be sent
  7. Save and Schedule
    1. Save as template…: [Optional] Click to Save your event settings if you would like to reuse them for future events
    2. Schedule This Event: Click to schedule this event
    3. Once you have successfully scheduled the event, you can send invitation emails to those who’ve been invited to the event. Check the boxes next to the participant role(s) as appropriate. If not, leave the boxes unchecked. Click Send Now…

Once the event is scheduled, you will then be re-directed to the Event Information page that contains the settings and information that you had created.

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