WebEx Events – Registration Questions & Forms

WebEx Events – Registration Questions & Forms

As you may know WebEx Events is a terrific platform to hold webinars and online events. However, I bet that you didn’t know that WebEx was originally designed to be a marketing tool. The registration options and forms are valuable tools that, not only help you draw attendance to your online event, but collect valuable data from a prospective audience. Registration questions can be created prior to or during the scheduling of an event, and can be saved to be used again.

  1. Registration Questions – Creating Registration Questions Prior to Scheduling an Event
    1. Under the WebEx Events tab, in the left navigation menu, under Host an Event, click on Registration Questions.
    2. All of you saved questions will populate. These questions can be edited and deleted at will. To create new question, click on:
      • [Text Box] - short answer question
      • [Check Boxes] - multi-answer question
      • [Option Buttons] - single answer question
      • [Drop-Down List] - single answer question
    3. Once the type of question is selected:
      • Add your question in the Group label for [question type] text field.
      • Assign an answer to each choice as appropriate.
      • Answers for Check Box, Option Button, and Drop-Down List questions can be assigned a numerical score. This score can be used organize the submitted/collected data when reviewing the Registration Report.
    4. Click Save to add the question to your list of registration questions.

  2. Registration Form & Questions – While Scheduling an Event
    1. Registration is available only if the host has not restricted the event to invited attendees only.

      To populate the Registration requirements for the event, check the Registration Required box in the Basic Information section of the Schedule an Event form.
    2. Scroll down to the Attendees & Registration section of the Schedule an Even page:

      To add and customize a registration form for the event, in the section, Registration form: Click here to customize your registration form.
    3. The Customize Registration Question window will appear.
      1. In the top section of the form, there is a set of standard questions with two columns of check boxes. Check the box in the first column to make the question available and optional. Check the box in the second column to make it required. By default, First name, Last name, Email address are required.
      2. To add a question that you’ve previously created, click the My Registration Questions button.
        1. The Add From My Registration Questions window will appear.
        2. Select the questions that you would like to use, and the Add
      3. To create a custom question, click on the button for the type of question/answer that you’d like to create. Follow the steps that were illustrated in section 1. Registration Questions.
    4. Click Save to save the and add the newly created registration form.
    5. Continue scheduling the event as needed and then schedule the event. When the registration link is made available, registrants will see the form and will fill it out accordingly.
  3. Example of Registration Form:
    • Questions with an asterisk are required, questions without an asterisk are optional.
    • After the registrant submits the form, they’ll receive a confirmation email and invitation link.
    • The information that the registrant provides gets add to the event’s registration report.

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