WebEx Events – Post-Event Survey Questions & Forms

WebEx Events – Post-Event Survey Questions & Forms

As you may know WebEx Events is a terrific platform to hold webinars and online events. However, I bet that you didn’t know that WebEx was originally designed to be a marketing tool. Post-event surveys provide valuable feedback from event attendees, and can be used to collect additional valuable data. Survey questions can be created prior to or during the scheduling of an event, and can be saved to be used again.

  1. Survey Questions – Prior to Scheduling an Event
    1. Under the WebEx Events tab, in the left navigation menu, under Host an Event, click on Survey Questions. All of your saved questions will populate. These questions can be edited and deleted at will.
      1. To create new question, click on:
        • [Text Box] - short answer question
        • [Check Boxes] - multi-answer question
        • [Option Buttons] - single answer question
        • [Drop-Down List] - single answer question
    2. Once the type of question is selected:
      • Add your question in the Group label for … text field.
      • Assign an answer to each choice as appropriate. Answers for Check Box, Option Button, and Drop-Down List questions can be assigned a numerical score. This score can be used organize the submitted/collected data when reviewing the Registration Report.
      • Click Save to add the question to your list of survey questions.
    3. The newly created survey question will then be added to the survey question library.

  2. Survey Form & Questions – While Scheduling an Event
    1. Navigate to the Event Description & Options section of the Schedule an Event page.
      1. To create a post-event survey, add and customize questions, or to select a previously created survey, click on: Post-event survey: View survey
    2. To select or create a post-event survey:

      A previously used survey will populate.
      • To select a saved survey, select the survey from the Select Survey drop-down list. Then click the OK-use this survey button.
      • To edit the selected survey, click the Edit survey button
      • To create a new survey, click the Create New Survey button
    3. The survey editor will appear:
      1. In the top section of the window, is the Survey Name. If you like to add an image to the header or footer of the survey, click the respective add button.
      2. The survey introduction message can be edited in the HTML/Text editor.
      3. To add a previously existing survey, click the My Survey Questions button
    4. in the Add From My Survey Questions window:

      Select the questions that you would like to use, and the Add
    5. The added questions will appear in the survey editor window:
    6. To create a custom question, click on the button for the type of question/answer that you’d like to create. See previously stated steps in section 1.2.
    7. Click Save As Template… to save a new template
    8. Click Save to overwrite the current template.
    9. A preview of the survey will appear:
    10. Click the OK-use this survey button to use the survey.
    11. Continue scheduling the event as needed and then schedule the event.
  3. Following the event, the attendees will have the opportunity to provide their feedback. The provided feedback can be review in the Attendance Report.
    1. The Attendance Report can be found under the My Reports section of the My WebEx tab.

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