A Guide to the SRI Process

Description: A general guide to the SRI process within the MyCCRI portal. 

The registrar opens the evaluation period

    1. Located in the "For Faculty" tab in MyCCRI

Evaluation Period

The department chair/dean/proxies are assigned

The registrar sets up the assignment of chairs, deans, and chair/dean proxies.

  • "Create new user" to add new department chairs/deans/proxies for the term.


  • Be sure to include the subjects of the courses the dean/chair/proxy will be able to view and open. 

The chair or the instructor can open their assigned courses up for evaluation

  • “Web Enabled?” checkbox controls whether the evaluation link is active for students. 
  • Check boxes are greyed out and cannot be modified once at least one evaluation has been submitted by a student. 
  • The number of evaluations that have been submitted is indicated next to the checkbox. 

Students can now click on their instructor's name in their schedule to go into the evaluation

  • The instructor name becomes a link when evaluations are available. The red flag indicates that an evaluation is open and has not been completed yet. 

Faculty can view which students have completed evaluations:

  • Eval column has “Y” or “N” to indicate which students have submitted evaluations so far.
  • The evaluation column does not display results until at least 3 students have submitted evaluations, for the sake of confidentiality.
  • Faculty and chairs cannot see which students submitted specific evaluations, only whether the student has completed it or not.

Chairs/Deans/Proxies can review evaluation results:

  • Red exclamation and “N/A” results when no evaluations have been submitted.
  • Number percentage scores when evaluations have been submitted.
  • There is no “3 student” limit on this page—evaluation results appear after at least 1 student has submitted an evaluation.
  • Red and blue text relates to the overall section score (red above 80% or blue below 70%)
  • Detailed results can be found by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the CRN. (See below)

  • Comments entered on the student evaluation are also shown on this screen.

Additional Information:

  • Search or browse our online Knowledge Base
  • Call the CCRI IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112
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