MacOS - Reset Loaner Account

Description: This article provides instructions on how to reset the loaner account. When a laptop returns from being loaned out, the Loaner user account will have to be reset and all data will have to be wiped.

Note: An active Ethernet connection is required.

How-to Steps:

  1. Open Finder

  2. Select Applications
  3. Scroll down in the applications list until you find Self Service and open it by double-clicking on it.
  4. Find the App within Self Service called Reset Loaner Account and click Run
  5. The computer will then restart and the Loaner Account will reset. The reset of the Loaner Account will be complete once you are back at the User Policy screen.

Additional Information:

  • Search or browse our online Knowledge Base
  • Call the CCRI IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112


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