Getting Started in Slack for HESI Compass

Description: Slack is a communication platform used to communicate with your HESI Compass Coach. Please note this is separate from Evolve HESI Compass (where the content is found). 

How Does It Work?

  1. You will receive an invite (sent to your school email address) from
  2. The invitation must be accepted within a 48-hour period.
  3. The note in the invite will explain your next steps. 
  4. This will connect you to your school's Slack channel.
  5. If you do not receive an invite, please have your school faculty reach out to the HESI Compass Admin team for assistance. 

Group Channel

  1. Your class/cohort will have their own designated group channel (listed in the left column) where your Compass Coach will post announcements, tips, and information.
  2. The first post on the group channel explains how to register for HESI Compass on the  Evolve website! Follow these directions closely. 

Direct Messages

  1. Your direct messages with your coach are private and only viewable by those in the direct message thread. 
  2. To start a direct message, click the pen/paper icon in the top left of Slack. Type in your coach's name. 
  3. Start the message at the bottom of the screen. 

Mobile VS Desktop Slack

  1. You can download Slack on your computer or mobile phone. 
    1. The desktop version can be downloaded from
    2. The mobile version can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone or the Play Store for Android phones.


  1. Reply to threads to respond to messages. Add a reaction to show you have read the message.

Additional Information:

  • Search or browse our online Knowledge Base
  • Call the CCRI IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112


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