How to Share Files & Folder OneDrive

 Share a file or folder OneDrive

How-to Steps: 

  1. Go to 

  1. Click on the login drop-down menu

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  1. Then Click on the Faculty/Staff Email

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  1. Once in your Staff email click on the waffle then click on OneDrive

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  1. Then on the sidebar inside of one drive click on “My Files” 

  1. In My Files click on "Add New" on the top left of the screen then click on folder

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  1. Name the folder what you would like it to be 

  1. Once the folder is created click on the three dots next to the name and click share  

  1. Enter the email addresses of the members you want to share the folder with.

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  1. All members should be able to access this shared folder through their CCRI OneDrive app online or using the desktop app. Each member that was added will also get an email containing instructions on how to access the folder.  

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