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Services or Offerings?
Request to have a CCRI phone extension added, changed, or removed.

Become a content manager for your department or CCRI organization.

Problems access a CCRI computer system, such as Banner, Argos, Workflow, etc.

Problems connecting to the Internet while on any of the CCRI campuses.

Use this service type when you can't find what you need

Update personal information in MyCCRI to get emergency notifications via text and/or email.

Connecting to the CCRI wireless without a CCRI account.

This service is to request temporary administrator access for a CCRI owned laptop to install software needed to work remotely.

This Service is to upgrade the MAC OS on CCRI owned devices.

Get support for Office 365 products.

Request assistance with OneDrive.

Request printer toner, paper, etc.

Request assistance with a printer or printing problem