Microsoft Office 2019 Upgrade through Software Center

Description: How to upgrade to Office 2019.

Note: Office 2016 and Office 2019 cannot be installed on the same computer at the same time. This includes Visio and Project. If you require any component of Office to remain on version 2016, do not perform this upgrade. This upgrade will install Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Once the upgrade is complete, you can install Microsoft Office Access - 2019, Microsoft Office OneNote - 2016 for 2019, Microsoft Office Project - 2019, Microsoft Office Publisher - 2019, Microsoft Office Visio - 2019 (See the Office 2019 Add-ons section at the bottom of this article).

How-to Steps:

  1. Open Software Center (KB Article: How to use Software Center)
  2. Software Center Icon
  3. Search for "Microsoft Office for Staff - 2019" 
  4. Searching for Microsoft Office for Staff - 2019 in Software Center
  5. Click the application and then click install from the application page.
  6. Microsoft Office for Staff - 2019 Application Page with Install button
  7. Observe the installation progress by looking at the current Status description. In the example below the status is "Downloading (9% Complete)"
  8. Installation Progress
  9. Once the installation completes you will notice that the old Office 2016 Desktop folder still exists and contains broken shortcuts (pictured below). This is normal and expected due to limitations of the upgrade process. Within 48 hours these shortcuts will be removed automatically. If you wish to create your own desktop shortcuts for Office 2019, please review the How to add a desktop shortcut in Windows 10 Knowledge Base article.
  10. Obsolete Desktop Shortcuts Example
  11. If you require additional Office components, proceed to the Office 2019 Add-ons section of this article.
  12. Please review Microsoft : What's New in Office 2019 to learn more about Office 2019's new features.

Office 2019 Add-ons:

Since there are a variety of job duties across the college and limited disk space available to install software, only the most common Office components are installed by default. If you require additional Office components they can be added on with Software Center in a process similar to the upgrade described below.

  1. Open Software Center if not already opened
  2. Search for the Office component(s) you wish to install.
  3. Click install for each component you require and wait for the installation(s) to complete.
  4. Create Desktop shortcuts if you desire.

Additional Information:

  1. Search or browse our online Knowledge Base
  2. Call the CCRI IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112


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