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How faculty can add final grades to their courses through MyCCRI.
Add a syllabus or important information to your course schedule using MyCCRI.
How to enter midterm grades for your courses in MyCCRI.
Students may view midterm and final grades in their MyCCRI accounts.
Why can't I see the student in the course?
Why am I getting timed out from MyCCRI?
What if I get a "Break- in attempt detected" while in MyCCRI
Description: How can I verify that MyCCRI is secure?
Your username is used to login to your MyCCRI account, student email and the campus WIFI.
CCRI has a tool that allows you reset your CCRI password on your own. To use this tool, you will need to be enrolled in RAVE with an active cell phone number and/or email address.
Members of the CCRI community can reset a forgotten password online or in-person.
Faculty can perform a degree evaluation for their students on either their current program or an alternate program.
Students are able to drop a course from within their MyCCRI account. Note that this function is only available during the drop-add period.
How to view classes that you are registered for according to any given semester.
Why am I getting "Account Disabled" when I attempt to login to MyCCRI?