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Here are the steps of what to do when you can't log into the computer in the classroom. Make sure to always contact Help Desk as the issue could be larger than a simple restart.
What to do if there is no audio coming out of the speaker.Check for the cable being plugged into the right input/output on the computer and speaker.
This article is a rundown of how to use the technology in room 6308.
This room contains a touch screen system, known as a Crestron, that sends video and audio settings of the following systems:
4 computers, A document camera, laptop, and a Blu-Ray/DVD Player.
If the computer is not working first press enter on the keyboard to wake up the computer. You could also try checking the power cord, sometimes the cord is a little loose.
You want to also turn on the projector to make sure the signal is being sent if the computer is on and not showing up on the monitor. It could be showing up on the projector. In that case hit the "Win+P" and click on duplicate.
After inserting a DVD into the computer the DVD won't play? Try starting MPC and opening the disc from there. These steps will show you how to do just that.
How to scan or copy from a printer
Printing from academic computer labs and library machines
Printing locations