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Banner to Blackboard uploads run every three hours, 24/7. Allow up to 24 hours for your account to be updated and your course to be available.
Course menus in some courses are not visible. This is due to the background color defaulting to white with white text. Here is a workaround. Instructors can apply the workaround to any of their courses that are affected.
Students are able to drop a course from within their MyCCRI account. Note that this function is only available during the drop-add period.
How to Add Classes in MyCCRI.
MyCCRI makes it possible for students to view how many seats are available for a particular course.
How to access and complete an online course evaluation.
The automated waitlist process provides students the opportunity to enroll in closed sections of a course as space becomes available.
Add office hours to your course schedule using MyCCRI.
Managing your course files in your Blackboard course
Copy a Course in Blackboard
Exporting and Downloading Your Course
Last Course Access in Blackboard - If you want to see when the last time your students have accessed your course.
Add Users to Your Blackboard Course
Change the Course Entry Page of your Blackboard Course