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User can put [secure] as part of the subject line to send an encrypted messages to external recipients. However, recipients will have slightly different experience depending on their email service platform.
If you use Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android, you can add a shared mailbox you have permissions to access on Outlook Mobile.
How To Add An Additional Email Account To Outlook Web
How to Delegate Access of Mail and Calendar
How to remove addresses from your email's auto-complete list. This issue is known to cause the 'do-not-reply' error message. This can occur when the first email received from a instructor is sent from Blackboard. What this does is cache the do-not-reply email for the instructor whenever an email is sent to them.
This article explains how to download and configure your CCRI e-mail on your Android device
How to access your CCRI e-mail on an iOS device
Send an Email from Blackboard
How to scan from an MFD
O365 User ID and Password
Accessing student email accounts.