Performing a Degree Evaluation (For Faculty)

Description: Faculty can perform a degree evaluation for their students on either their current program or an alternate program. 

How-to Steps:

  1. Log in to MyCCRI and click the For Faculty tab.
  2. Click on the Advisor Menu link.
    Faculty Services Menu with the Advisor Menu highlighted

  3. The Faculty & Advisor menu will display. Click Term Selection to select the current term.
  4. Navigate to the current term and click Submit.
  5. In the box labeled ID Selection, search for a student by either CCRI ID (8-digit number starting with 9.......) or last name. Click Submit.
    image of the student/advisee query

  6. Click on the down arrow and select the correct student from the list. Click on the Submit button.
  7. image of selecting student

  8. You may generate a degree evaluation for the curriculum(s) listed below. To view evaluation results, select a program by clicking on Generate a New Evaluation.Information Technology

  9. To generate a new evaluation, select programdegree, major and anticipated graduation term and select Generate request.Information Technology

  10. To view the Degree Evaluation, select the desired display and click on Submit. The degree evaluation will then be displayed.Information Technology

Additional Information:

  • Search or browse our online Knowledge Base
  • Call the CCRI IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112


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