Account Management & User Access

CCRI username and password management; access requests, includes access to Office 365 Email, MyCCRI, Blackboard, Banner, Department share drive, etc.

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Pinned Article How to Change Your MyCCRI Password

CCRI has a tool that allows you reset your CCRI password on your own. To use this tool, you will need to be enrolled in RAVE with an active cell phone number and/or email address.

Pinned Article How to Find Your Username

Your username is used to login to your MyCCRI account, student email and the campus WIFI.

Pinned Article How to Reset Your Forgotten MyCCRI Password

Members of the CCRI community can reset a forgotten password online or in-person.

Add an Authorized User for Making a Payment

Students can now authorize another person to access their account information and make payments on their behalf.

How to Access CCRI Paystubs for Part-Time and Student Workers

A quick guide on how to check paystubs for student workers and part-time faculty/staff.

How to Add Classes in MyCCRI

How to Add Classes in MyCCRI.

How to Drop a Class

Students are able to drop a course from within their MyCCRI account. Note that this function is only available during the drop-add period.

How to Pay Your Bill

The College provides you with many ways to pay your bill. You may pay Online, By Mail or On Campus.

How to Reset Your "Test Password"

How to reset your Test Environment password.

How to View Registered Courses and Schedules in MyCCRI

How to view classes that you are registered for according to any given semester.

How to View Student Roster in MyCCRI

Why can't I see the student in the course?

Is MyCCRI Secure?

Description: How can I verify that MyCCRI is secure?

Performing a Degree Evaluation (For Faculty)

Faculty can perform a degree evaluation for their students on either their current program or an alternate program.

Request Preferred First Name Change in Blackboard

How to request a preferred first name

Why am I getting "Account Disabled" when I attempt to login to MyCCRI?

Why am I getting "Account Disabled" when I attempt to login to MyCCRI?

Why Can't I See the Course I'm Teaching?

Why Can't I see the course I'm teaching?

Why do I get "The Information you entered does not match our records" when trying to retrieve my username?

Why do I receive the error message, "the information you entered does not match our records," when trying to retrieve my username.

Why am getting "Can't find User Name" Error Message when I attempt to lookup my username?

Why am I getting the message "can't find user id" on the User Name Lookup Page?