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The release of Medial version 8.5 brings significant upgrades to the platform, focusing on user-friendly tools and enhanced functionalities, particularly with the introduction of MEDIALecture Web and substantial improvements across MEDIALibrary and MEDIALearning modules.
How to make your course available to students ?
Some students will require accommodations for extended time on Blackboard assessments. There are various ways to meet such accommodations in Blackboard assessments by configuring extra time in test option settings.
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How do I enable pop-up windows in my browser for Blackboard to work properly?
Creating a Medial Link in Blackboard
Medial Analytics
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Respondus Monitor builds upon the power of LockDown Browser, using a student’s webcam and industry-leading video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams. It’s the most cost-effective, scalable, and student-friendly system for online proctoring.
Respondus Monitor Quick Start Guide
Preparing an Exam for Use with Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor
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Creating a Content Area & Uploading a File in Blackboard