Popular Services

This service includes requests by student for assistance with Blackboard.

Use this service type when you can't find what you need

Report a problem with Blackboard, such as inability to view menu.

Problems with a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

This service includes requests by faculty for assistance with remote teaching.

Assistance with WebEx or Videoconference equipment

Request a new Argos report, edit an existing one or ask a general Argos Question

How to reset your password for all CCRI computer systems.

Submit a request for a web project.

Problem with CCRI supported software, such as Office 365, Outlook, etc.

Request web support or training.

Report an issue with a CCRI Enterprise System such as Banner, BDMS, Travel and Expense, and Workflow

Request to merge CCRI Blackboard Courses.

Setup one-on-one Blackboard training.

Request a Blackboard course to be used for CCRI organizations (non-academic).

Request assistance with a printer or printing problem

Get support for Outlook Online.

This service is to restore a Blackboard Course.

Request Assistance with Medial.

This service is to remove a user from your Blackboard Course.

Request assistance with voicemail, such as reset voicemail password, add/remove voicemail box.

How to request access to a Departmental or Business Unit Shared Drive

Request to have a CCRI phone extension added, changed, or removed.

Get support for Office 2016 applications.