Remote Teaching and Instructional Technology Services

Instructional technology tools and consulting services, includes Blackboard, Medial, Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor.

Services (10)

Request Assistance with Remote Teaching

This service includes requests by faculty for assistance with remote teaching.

Request Help for Students Using Blackboard

This service includes requests by student for assistance with Blackboard.

Request Equipment for Remote Teaching

This service is for faculty to request equipment needed for remote teaching.

Report a problem with Blackboard

Report a problem with Blackboard, such as inability to view menu.

Request Assistance with Medial

Request Assistance with Medial.

Request Blackboard Course Merge

Request to merge CCRI Blackboard Courses.

Request Blackboard Course Restore

This service is to restore a Blackboard Course.

Request Blackboard Consultation (faculty)

Setup one-on-one Blackboard training.

Request Removal of User from Blackboard Course

This service is to remove a user from your Blackboard Course.

Request Blackboard Non-Academic Course

Request a Blackboard course to be used for CCRI organizations (non-academic).