My Recently Visited Services

Problems with a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

How to request access to a Departmental or Business Unit Shared Drive

Assistance with WebEx or Videoconference equipment

Request printer toner, paper, etc.

Request a new Argos report or edit an existing one.

Use this service type when you can't find what you need

Become a content manager for your department or CCRI organization.

Request assistance with a printer or printing problem

Request quotes for hardware and software purchases.

Assistance with spam and phishing email.

Request to have your office technology moved.

This service includes assistance with reporting a problem with the CCRI website, such as a broken link. It DOES NOT include issues with Blackboard - Please use the Remote Teaching and Instructional Services for issues with Blackboard.

This service is to request temporary administrator access for a CCRI owned laptop to install software needed to work remotely.

Request new hardware, such as desktop computer, laptops, additional monitor, etc.

Problem with CCRI supported software, such as Office 365, Outlook, etc.

Report a problem with Blackboard, such as inability to view menu.

How to download Office 365 for FREE on your device(s).

This service is to request assistance with DUO, our two-factor authentication tool.

Request assistance with voicemail, such as reset voicemail password, add/remove voicemail box.