Services A-Z (72)

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Add, change or remove phone extension

Request to have a CCRI phone extension added, changed, or removed.


Banner Document Management Service (BDMS)

To request access to Banner Document Management System (BDMS).

Become a Content Manager

Become a content manager for your department or CCRI organization.


Can't Access a CCRI Computer System (Banner etc.)

Problems access a CCRI computer system, such as Banner, Argos, Workflow, etc.

Can't access the Internet while on campus

Problems connecting to the Internet while on any of the CCRI campuses.

Can't Find What You Need?

Use this service type when you can't find what you need


Email to New Ticket Creation

Emergency Readiness

Update personal information in MyCCRI to get emergency notifications via text and/or email.

Equipment Return


Guest and Event Wireless Access

Connecting to the CCRI wireless without a CCRI account.


How to download Office 365

How to download Office 365 for FREE on your device(s).


I Need to Install Software on a Borrowed Laptop

This service is to request temporary administrator access for a CCRI owned laptop to install software needed to work remotely.


MAC OS Upgrade

This Service is to upgrade the MAC OS on CCRI owned devices.


Office 2016 Support

Get support for Office 2016 applications.

Office 365 Support

Get support for Office 365 products.

OneDrive Support

Request assistance with OneDrive.

OneNote Support

Get support for OneNote.

Outlook Online Support

Get support for Outlook Online.


Printer Supplies Request

Request printer toner, paper, etc.

Printing Issues

Request assistance with a printer or printing problem

Problem Connecting to Wireless/WiFi

Issues connecting to the CCRI wireless network.

Problem with Computer Hardware

Problems with a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Problem with Computer Software

Problem with CCRI supported software, such as Office 365, Outlook, etc.


Report a Cybersecurity Incident

Report a cybersecurity incident to the correct person

Report a problem with Blackboard

Report a problem with Blackboard, such as inability to view menu.

Report a Problem with the Website

This service includes assistance with reporting a problem with the CCRI website, such as a broken link. It DOES NOT include issues with Blackboard - Please use the Remote Teaching and Instructional Services for issues with Blackboard.

Report an Issue with a Desk Phone

Report problem with a CCRI desk phone / landline telephone.

Report an issue with classroom technology

Issue with classroom technology support, such as computers, projectors, DVDs, touch screens, document cameras.

Report an issue with non-classroom audio/visual (video wall, digital signage, PA system)

Report issues with non-classroom audio/visual equipment, such as video wall digital signage, PA system

Request a Change with an Enterprise System

Report an issue with BDMS

Request a College-issued Cell Phone

Request a college-issued cell phone

Request a faculty or staff webpage

Request your own CCRI faculty, staff, or organization webpage.

Request a New or Edit an Existing Argos Report

Request a new Argos report or edit an existing one.

Request a shared calendar

Request a shared calendar.

Request access to a Shared Drive

How to request access to a Departmental or Business Unit Shared Drive

Request Access to Workflow

Request access to Workflow

Request an Accessibility (ADA) Accommodation

Request an IT-related ADA accommodation.

Request Argos Access

Request Access to Argos Reporting

Request assistance mapping a department share drive

Assistance mapping to a share drive

Request Assistance with Medial

Request Assistance with Medial.

Request Assistance with Remote Teaching

This service includes requests by faculty for assistance with remote teaching.

Request Assistance with Voicemail

Request assistance with voicemail, such as reset voicemail password, add/remove voicemail box.

Request Assistance with WebEx and Videoconferencing

Assistance with WebEx or Videoconference equipment

Request Audio/Visual Equipment (loans)

Request a loan of audio/visual equipment.

Request Banner Financial Aid Access

Request Access to Banner Financial Aid

Request Banner Human Resources Access (HR, Payroll, Business Office ONLY)

Request access to Banner HR.

Request Banner Payroll Access

Request Access to Banner Payroll.

Request Banner Student Access (Student Affairs)

Request access to Banner Student (Student Affairs)

Request Banner Student Access (Workforce Development)

Request access to Banner Student for Workforce Development students

Request Banner Supervisor Access

Request Banner Supervisor Access to approve time sheets.

Request Blackboard Consultation (faculty)

Setup one-on-one Blackboard training.

Request Blackboard Course Merge

Request to merge CCRI Blackboard Courses.

Request Blackboard Course Restore

This service is to restore a Blackboard Course.

Request Blackboard Non-Academic Course

Request a Blackboard course to be used for CCRI organizations (non-academic).

Request classroom technology training

Request training for classroom technology, such as document cameras, projectors, DVDs, etc

Request Equipment for Remote Use

This service is to request equipment needed for remote (off-campus) usage.

Request E-Quotes

Request quotes for hardware and software purchases.

Request Event Support

Request Technical Support or equipment for a CCRI Event

Request Help for Students Using Blackboard

This service includes requests by student for assistance with Blackboard.

Request Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO)

This service is to request assistance with DUO, our two-factor authentication tool.

Request New Hardware

Request new hardware, such as desktop computer, laptops, additional monitor, etc.

Request Office Technology Move

Request to have your office technology moved.

Request Removal of User from Blackboard Course

This service is to remove a user from your Blackboard Course.

Request Software Installation

Request web support or training

Request web support or training.

Reset password and lookup username

How to reset your password for all CCRI computer systems.

Responsible IT Usage Policy

Visit the CCRI Responsible Use of Information Technology policy


Spam and Phishing Email

Assistance with spam and phishing email.

Starfish Request

Use this service to request assistance with Starfish.

Submit a web project request

Submit a request for a web project.

Submit IT Project Request


WiFi Access

Problems connecting to the WiFi network while on any of the CCRI campues.